The Freelancer: Synopsis

When struggling freelance journalist Denny Durant agrees to write a story about the NHL lockout and its impact on Montreal strip clubs, little does he know his life is about to be turned upside down.

After a dance with superstar stripper Martine Perpetue reawakens some long-dormant feelings, things really take an unsettling turn when a woman suffers a fatal overdose inside the club.

At first it appears the overdose was accidental, but when Denny starts asking questions, he soon discovers it was no accident.

But if it wasn’t an accident, what was it? And who did it?

Those questions lead Denny and Martine deeper and deeper into Montreal’s underworld as they try to untangle a web of blackmail and revenge. Can they find the answers before an out-of-control killer puts an end to the questions for good?

Denny must navigate his marital difficulties, dig up a long-buried family secret and connect the dots in a decades-old cold case to avoid this deadline being his last.

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